Training center AC Milan connects with the SportMind

Diagnostic center Milan Lab in Milanello training center tracking football players AC Milan in terms of physical condition complements its portfolio by psychological diagnosis SportMind. Connection with an as comprehensive diagnosis of the physical condition of football players on the monitoring of the mental state of players. Both concepts are very close because watching both strategically, by using large diagnostics twice a year, and on a daily basis, which is primarily used to prevent unnecessary injuries.


Milanello Sports Centre commonly referred to as simply Milanello is the training facility of Italian professional football club Associazione Calcio Milan. Built in 1963, the center consists of 160,000 square meters (1,700,000 sq ft), including a pinewood and a little lake.

In terms of measuring the mind, Milan Lab used the questionnaire method. It came very suitable to replace questionnaire by SportMind. Now SportMind is used by the A team and at the Youth Academy. In the future, we would like to offer the world connected product to use. We predict that this connection should be done at the end of the spring.

Milanello currently represents an important asset not only for the Milan Club but for the whole Italian football system. This was indeed the objective pursued by Andrea Rizzoli who decided to build it. The facilities of Milanello have often been used also by the Italian Football Federation for the preparation of the National Team’s important competitions.

Prof. Daniele Tognaccini founder of the Milan Lab center leads the activities on the AC Milan’s side and in January got trained by SportMind with his colleague Lorenzo Cipriani.

In the history of the functioning of the Milan Lab, these services were used by a number of football personalities like Maldini, Ronaldinho, and Kaka.