Mental Preparation in a Football Club MSK Zilina

Mental preparation with SportMind HDTS has become a daily part of the training process in MSK Zilina, the current Slovak Champions football club.  The philosophy of MSK Zilina football club stands on individual and professional approach to players. MSK Zilina coaches consider mental preparation to be the area that can be rapidly improved.

“We, as coaches, always look for opportunities to improve the performance of players or teams. From this point of view the mental side of the players needs more attention because the technical side of football has already developed but when it comes to mental skills – that is where we can improve even more,” Michal Hanek, U17 Coach Team, said.

Since October 2017 the coaching staff in all age categories – from the U7 Team coaches to the men’s A team – attended 5-days-training focused on understanding of the SportMind diagnostics and developing their leadership skills. The workshops and presentations discussed topics such as feedback, communication, goal-setting or individual approach.

Today the coaches are fully trained and use the SportMind diagnostics in their daily training process. “I am happily surprised by how the SportMind system works, because I didn’t have the opportunity to apply my knowledge into the coaching so far. SportMind gave us “a recipe” how to communicate with the players more effectively,” Michal Hanek added.

We are happy about the positive feedback and we believe that all teams from MSK Zilina will achieve their team goals for the season.

Source of the photography: SITA