Olympic Pathway of Adam Vaclavik Has Begun by Victory

Broken leg, accelerated convalescence and valuable experience. The Olympic preparation of the Czech promising biathlete Adam Vaclavik was accompanied by unexpected difficulties and great personal success. In spite of the serious health complication that occurred at the least suitable time, the Czech representative eventually mugged up on taking part at the Olympic Games. By this, he has already shown a strong will, strength, and ability to win.

Hard training and upright preparation for the season and at the same time for the Korean Winter Olympic Games were interrupted by leg and knee injuries about half a year before the dreamed-of participation in the Olympics. In the summer of 2017, Adam fell during the training in France. A tiny slip-up that ended with a fall brought the athlete to the operating table. Despite this complication, Adam did not stop dreaming of racing. As soon as possible after the surgery, he began training as much as it was possible, for example by weight training of his arms, abdomen, and back. “With trainers, we are looking for a way I could shoot. And I’ll have time to occupy myself with my head. I know that I have big reserves in my psyche,” he told after his injury in an interview for Biathlon.cz and was looking forward to cooperating with the mental coach Jiří Šimonek

After an extremely rapid recovery, Adam stepped into the preparation for the season that was already in full swing. He did not pass the complete preparation like other biathletes, and he was getting into shape slowly. Both facts meant a considerable strain on his psyche. However, by the end of the season, he had already great performances. And not even half a year after his injury, he celebrated personal success in the memorable pursuit race when he moved with only one missed shot from position 58 to 34 in Anterselva, Italy. At the Olympics in Pyeongchang, he did not reach the position he had wished for. Considering the whole story, he did win his race. Not only did he take part in this contest, but he also gained valuable experience, which he can capitalise on in the next season and become the driver of the entire biathlon team. The strength and determination to manage it, he has already proved.


Source of the photography: Archive of Adam Vaclavik