The 2nd International Seminar on Sport Diagnostics was held in Russia

The 2nd seminar “SportMind – An Innovative Approach to Sport Diagnostics”, which was the final part of certified specialists preparation in the territory of the Russian Federation by SportMind Diagnostics, Ltd., was held at the National Institute of Biomedicine and Sport on 21-22.2. 2018.

The training was carried out – as well as the first one – by the specialists from the mentioned company from the Czech Republic. The seminar was attended by qualified sports psychologists and coaches from nine cities of our country (Barnaul, Vladimir, Kaluga, Moscow, Penza, Samara, Serpukhov, Tyumen, Ufa).

During the seminar, the sports psychologists who have been in training and have been studying the introduced technology for three months shared their experience and diagnostic results on the basis of 2 computer diagnostic programs (modules). During the discussion, many questions from experts were answered by the Czech side (developers of the product).



The methodological approach to the development and use of the computerised projective methodology of “SportMind Diagnostics, Ltd.” became the factual basis for the carrying out the training seminar “Expertise of program provided for athletes‘ psychodiagnostics.” The specialists of SportMind Diagnostics, Ltd., have gained some insight into the possibilities of finalising and improving the program product.


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