The link between SportMind and MySasy generates unique data about athletes

SportMind, which focuses on the mental diagnosis of athletes, and MySasy, which recognises the athlete’s physical readiness for a new challenge, merged into one solution. The combined package will allow you to see the interrelationship between the athlete‘s physical and mental dispositions.

The way, the body has coped with previous stimuli, crucially affects its capacity to carry out the follow-up load. MySASY monitors the state of the athlete‘s body control system, which is influenced by many possible stimuli. An athlete is supposed to gain the most stimuli from physical training. However, in severe situations, the body capacity may be affected more significantly by factors that are not of physical origin. MySASY notices these influences as well, but the problem is to identify the origin of the stimulus and then to affect it. Especially in such situations, SportMind is an invaluable source of information that can measure the unconscious experience of the athlete, so it can help to recognize whether the reaction is caused by physical or psychical stimuli.

“By combining the data on the physical and psychical state of the athlete, we will reach absolutely unique information usable for the overall training of athletes,” the representatives of both products, George Simonek and Radim Slachta, agree.