New functionality of the application and modification of the Mental Analysis

1. New functionality – influence in the Psychic Energy module

From the current version of the application, you can find the Diagnostic Influence Indicator in the Psychic Energy module. The indicator is located in an area where you can also find the note, energy mode, and date of diagnosis. If the input diagnostics is affected by the respondent, a red " Affected" appears. If the diagnostic is not affected, the message does not appear. An example of the affected result can be found in Picture 1.

When the trend (timeline) of psychic energy diagnostic results is displayed, the indicator is again highlighted in red on the diagnostic result date. An example can be found in Picture n.2.

Definition – Distorted, Affected, Biased, Tendentious, High stylization

We consider results distorted if the variability of all selected color triads is in some way reduced by the scanned person. That means that the person uses only a few repeating triads and pairs of colors in the process of choosing. The person does not use the richness of different possible choices of colors as it corresponds to the usual variety of color options in the general population.
E.g., they confine themselves to the use of a few triad combinations while human consciousness is not so simple ("shallow").
Sometimes, it is a conscious defense against scanning (testing), which is known as the " Blind method", other times it can be an effort to comply with instructions of scanning and at the same time it can be an effort to have color selections under control. Motives can have different subtexts. Either, it is their desire (wish) to stylize themselves in a certain way or it is their need to be successful, accurate, or it is tendentious or demonstrative motives. The process or scanning can be impacted by these motives. We can see such an approach in some life situations: externally, they may comply but internally they are not identified with the scanning. They want to have an impact on it or have it under control.

An influenced result is determined according to:
• the number (calculated in percentages) of times one particular triad has been chosen
• the number (calculated in percentages) of times three particular triads have been chosen
• the percentage of used triads out of all possible choices
• the percentage of used pairs out of all possible choices
This is assessed by a computer. The computer determines if the result is distorted or not and it also evaluates the degree of impact.

2. Change in the Mental Analysis profile

On the introductory page of the Mental Analysis profile, the age of the respondent was added as well as the exact time of filling in the diagnostics.