Jana Novotná: “The pain will pass!” How to prevent injury

“The pain will pass… – I usually say to myself when something hurts me. But will it really pass? My muscles hurt because I had a proper training, I have strengthened new areas that are not used to, and that’s why it hurts. But when it hurts longer, I get used to the pain and I don’t deal with it. When it hurts for more than 2 weeks and I stop running well, I usually get back to it, but it’s too late at this moment. Torn back muscle, lots of quality work behind me, but 2 weeks of convalescence required. “Did I need this?” The diagnostics show it to me clearly. I suppress my body, pain and go to exercise and lust to work. But it doesn’t make sense. If I said right away that something was hurting me, I could train normally now and not just have to trot lightly and lose quality training. Lessons for the next time. ”

Graph No.1 The result of the diagnostics of Psychic Energy shows that Jana is in a state where she does not admit the signals of her body. She is fully focused on her training and the race. She is slowly getting more and more tired and needs support from her surroundings, the coach.

“My muscles and tendons hurt from the gym… The same situation is here, the physical trend in SportMind diagnostics remains the same, I’m going for exercise. The first gym after a post-season break. We went a lot, it’s clear that it will hurt in the coming days. My hands really hurt, but it’s clear and my wrist was broken once, so it’s strained. After 10 days of constant pain, I’m starting to doubt that it’s just from the gym, maybe something is going on, but I’ll give it some time, maybe it will pass. It hurts with the handles, so I won’t do them. The days go by, my wrist hurts, it hurts to hold the phone, it is difficult to keep an annual niece. After 3 weeks, it’s time to tell our team doctor. Torn ligament in the wrist, collagen injection, trying to use the hand as little as possible, orthosis. Wll, I didn’t succeed again! After 5 weeks, my hand still hurts a little, but it improves. I try to pay attention to the pain and I hope that I will be able to be warned in time that my hand needs to rest.

It’s about experience, learning not to shoot pain and talking about it. I don’t want to be a hypochondriac, so I’m not saying anything, but is this really a good way? It’s not. I could have many more quality trainings on my account. It’s not a shame to say that something hurts me. Better on time than late.”

Graph No.2 The trend of mental energy reveals how you are doing with fatigue and the ability to concentrate at a given moment. Or whether the threat of injury is approaching or not.

In the global ranking, Jana currently holds the 59th place in heptathlon in the category of women from 20 to 22 years, with 1085 points. She is a member of the Atletika USK Prague club. She is also studying psychology at the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies. He has been involved in hes mental training for a long time and has been using SportMind diagnostics for several years. During hes training and racing, she often goes “beyond the boundaries of hes body”. Because that’s how athletes do it. They must do so they achieve the dream results. But this approach also hides a risk. Risks that can be guarded, and thus achieve even better results in the long perspektive. How?

Jana’s successes include, for example, 1st place in heptathlon at the Czech Championships in the women’s category from 2019 or 1st place and a national record in 2016 in indoor pentathlon in the junior category.