Use of SportMind

The diagnosis can be used by athletes from the age of seven. There is no upper age limit for the end-user.
SportMind is not usually used for this purpose but it can be used (specifically the Mental analysis module), with the assistance of a trained consultant who can analyse the outcome and evaluate a future connection between the child and a specific sport.
SportMind is primarily designed for team sports, but two SportMind modules (specifically Psychic energy and Mental analysis) are commonly used for individual sports (e.g. athletics, rowing, cycling and sport shooting).
Don't worry, the results are not always easy to interpret and one needs to be able to work with the results properly. Training and consultation are included in the annual license and are available for members of a coaching team. In urgent cases, fast help is always available by using the in-app “Help me” call button where a consultant is available on the other end.
It is both appropriate and recommended for all team members to carry out the diagnosis, even if they are substitutes. If the team member is injured and does not travel to the match, it is not necessary for him to complete the diagnosis.
The Mental analysis and Team analysis diagnosis is performed two times per year: firstly when a team is assembled before the season starts and secondly before a play-off or a big tournament. The Psychic Energy diagnosis can be performed on a daily or weekly basis, especially if the athlete has fluctuations in their performance. The Opponent diagnosis is performed on match days, a few hours before the match starts, enabling the coach team to respond and intervene within the team according to the results of the diagnosis.
It is wise to choose a person who will be able learn how to use the application and will be able to quickly read diagnosis results. Such a person should dedicate sufficient time and space for this kind of activity.
Yes, data on the server is highly secure and will not be lost or stolen. The athletes' diagnosis outcomes can also be found on a tablet. The tablet application is secured by the coache's username and password. The data from all athletes is accessed only by the coach , though one set of login details and therefore is very secure.
Alpine skiing, American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Biathlon, Canoe Slalom, Cross-country skiing, Curling, Cycling, Floorball, Field hockey, Football, Freestyle Snowboarding, General sport, Golf, Handball, Ice Hockey, Kickboxing, Lacrosse, Luge, Motorsport, Netball, Rowing, Running, Swimming, Speed skating, Street hockey, Squash, Table tennis, Tennis, Track and field, Triatlon, Volleyball, Weightlifting

Technical specification

No, it is not. The SportMind application was not developed for smartphones and is not suitable for use on these devices. The SportMind app has to be installed and used only on tablets with the following minimum specifications: 4 cores, 2 GB RAM, Android version 5 and above, resolutions 1280 x 720th.


Distorted, Affected, Biased, Tendentious, High stylisation. We consider results affected (distorted, biased, tendentious, with high stylisation) if the variability of all selected color triads is in some way reduced by the scanned (tested) person. This means that the person uses only a few repeating triads and pairs of colors in the process of choosing. The person does not use the richness of different possible choices of colors as it corresponds to the usual variety of color options in the general population e.g. they confine themselves to the use of a few triad combinations while human consciousness is not so simple or "shallow". Sometimes, it is a conscious defense against scanning, which is known as the "Blind method". Other times, it can be an effort to comply with instructions of scanning and at the same time it can be an effort to have color selections under control. Motives can have different subtexts. Either it is their desire (wish) to stylize themselves in a certain way, or it is their need to be successful, accurate, or it can be the result of tendentious or demonstrative motives. The process of scanning can be impacted by these motives. We can see such an approach in some life situations; externally, they may comply but internally they do not identify with the scanning. People may want to have an impact on the scanning or have control over it. An influenced result is determined according to:
  • the number (calculated in percentages) of times one particular triad has been chosen;
  • the number (calculated in percentages) of times three particular triads have been chosen;
  • the percentage of used triads out of all possible choices;
  • the percentage of used pairs out of all possible choices.
This is assessed by a computer. The computer determines if the result is distorted or not and it also evaluates the degree of impact. We have a manual detailing individual criteria of the degree of the influence, should you wish to receive further information on this subject.
All the information you may need can be found on the website www.camethod.com.


  1. US English
  2. UK English
  3. German
  4. Polish
  5. Russian
  6. Czech
  7. Slovak
  8. Spanish
  9. Serbian
  10. Slovenian
  11. Chinese
  12. Dutch
  13. French
It is necessary to ask SportMind technical support for delivery of the required language. It usually takes 10 working days to add a new language.
Yes, you can switch the language within the SportMind application in the top right corner.

How to get SportMind application?

Minimum requirements: 800x600px resolution of your display and web browser Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox or Safari
Recommended requirements: 1280x720px and web browser Chrome or Firefox
  1. Open your web browser or new tab
  2. Write or paste app.sportmind.com to the link bar
  3. if you meet minimum requirements you’ll see a login page of SportMind application

Minimum requirements: Android 5.0 and above, 10“ screen and 1280x720 resolution
Recommended requirements: 2GB of RAM and a quad-core processor
  1. The SportMind application is available at Google Play store.
  2. Find Google Play application (Play Store) in your tablet and open it
  3. Tap search bar on the top, write Sportmind and tap search icon or enter
  4. In the list tap Install button the Sportmind application from SportMind Diagnostics, s.r.o. developer
  5. The SportMind application will appear in your list of applications

Minimum requirements: iOs 10 and above
  1. The SportMind application is available at Apple App Store.
  2. Find App Store application in your tablet and open it
  3. Tap Search button below and write Sportmind in the bar above and tap Search icon or enter
  4. In the list tap the Get button and download the Sportmind application from SportMind Diagnostics, s.r.o. developer
  5. The SportMind application will appear in your list of applications
Unfortunately, we do not currently have a Windows application. Please use The SportMind application over Web browser or on Android tablet/Apple iPad.

Demo account for presentation purpose

Web link: app.sportmind.com Username: demo@sportmind.com Password: sportmind It is permitted to use the demo account for presentation purposes. In the demo account, you are able to see all modules. The modules are filled with data which allows you to see the complete functionality of the application. The demo account is read-only which means that you are able to run diagnostics, however filled data will be not saved.    

Privacy statement

Sportmind Diagnostics s.r.o. declares that all personal data is considered to be strictly confidential and handled in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll. Sportmind Diagnostics is preparing for the European Parliament’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will enter into force in May 2018.
For the purposes of diagnostic evaluation, we store the chosen colors for individual objects (words, multimedia content, etc.), reaction times for individual colors, and basic proband identification needed to apply the correct standards (age, gender) to our servers. Other data related to client identification (team, club, etc.) are then inserted by the customers themselves (or by an administrative employee). Accounts are password protected and sensitive data are not accessible by unauthorized person. Servers also store the results of diagnostics in PDF files or raw numbers. Only customers authorized by the customer (customer, club worker, consultant) can access these data. In order to conduct business transactions, we store on our servers the name of the club and the name of the contact person for the club, including telephone and e-mail contact. We also record the purchased licenses.
To evaluate the characteristics using the CA Method. Furthermore, anonymized data is used for statistical and scientific calculations for verification and further development of the CA Method. Customer data is used only in interaction with specific customer.
Both data and backups are stored on OVH servers for which security is the highest priority. More about specific security options can be found on the OVH website: https://www.ovh.com/us/about-us/security.xml.
Data is stored on Linux servers that are regularly updated and maintained. Only selected employees of SportMind Diagnostics s.r.o. have access to the servers.